Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been busily testing a new feature to improve e-mail filtering quality: forwarding. Simply forward spam that slips through into your inbox to spam@apisnetworks.com. Our processor will devour the morsel and send its remains to your filtering database that will increase filtering accuracy.

There are 2 ways to forward e-mail: inline or as an attachment. Both forms are accepted, however, sending as an attachment will feed additional information that is typically not included in an inline attachment. To forward as an attachment, right-click on the e-mail(s) and select “Forward as Attachment“. On Apple Mail, choose Message >Forward as Attachment.

In the rare event mail gets mislabeled as spam, which in turn gets delivered to your Spam folder, just forward the message to ham@apisnetworks.com. Our processor will decompose the message, except this time learning from its mistakes.

Update: 2014/08/23 corrected confusing context for forwarding spam, thanks Scott Lincke!

New Feature: Forward-to-Learn Spam Filter