Sol will be piloting a change in how the web server handles browser connections by discontinuing support of HTTP/1.0 introduced in 1996. Modern browsers within the last decade, even Internet Explorer 6, support HTTP/1.1 that introduced several improvements over its predecessor including keep-alive requests that allow the server to reuse an open socket to continue to stream HTTP data making the protocol more efficient than HTTP/1.0.

HTTP/1.1 also supports namebased hosting; 95% of clients will not be affected by this change, since a Host header is necessary to access the proper web resource behind a sharted IP address. Only HTTP/1.1 supports Host headers.

This change will impact spam bots or automated scripts that send HTTP/1.0 headers on accounts with a dedicated IP address (Enterprise packages or SSL-enabled accounts). This will not affect browser usage by clients using a modern browser within the last 10 years. Sol will pilot this change for the next 2 weeks, then the change will trickle down to Helios that has recently seen a deluge of HTTP/1.0 spam bots.

Sol: Discontinuation of HTTP/1.0 support