A new CP update has been pushed to the servers featuring a more compact ticket interface, as well as dynamic ticket updates – tickets update within your browser once they come through. No need to refresh the page nor anxiously pound F5 into oblivion. CTRL+Enter may be used now as a shortcut to send a ticket update within the interface too.

In addition to ticket interface improvements, a host of bugs have been squashed, including a nasty HTML5 incompatibility with the old WYSIWYG editor.


NEW: ticket interface facelift. Support CTRL+Enter form submission, live ticket updates within CP once an update comes across the wire, short descriptions included in ticket overview for improved referencing (Trouble Tickets)
NEW: set_temp_password()- set temporary password for site that resets automatically after a specified time (Auth)
NEW: crypt()- crypt password using the strongest hash available on platform (Auth)
FIX: attachments are not parsed when sent via e-mail if attachment occurs before the e-mail body MIME (Trouble Tickets)
FIX: deny_user()- unable to deny user CP access, nor likewise permit (Auth)
FIX: TinyMCE, support HTML5. Retain tags in full page edits (File Manager)
FIX: removed cache constant LVUSER referenced in setCache() (Module Skeleton)
FIX: rewrite really stupid, slow, and error-prone method of performing named-argument substitutions in command string (Util_Process)
FIX: get_acls()- satisfy ACL requests for filenames containing % (File)
CHG: jQuery update 1.8.3
CHG: support optional parameter to mute_warning() to mute PHP warnings in addition to CP-generated warnings (Error Reporter)
CHG: remove HTML markup from backtraces, support <> in error messages (Error Reporter)
CHG: better heuristics detecting charset in HTML/non-HTML documents (File Manager)
CHG: SRV type hint more informative with example (DNS Manager)
CHG: more permissive range of characters in passwords (Auth)
CHG: break ruby* php* frontpage* functions into a separate module. Old function signatures are deprecated and subject to removal (Web)
CHG: module parameter name cleanup (SQL)
CHG: add_user()- adding a user without services enabled will generate warnings (User)
CHG: detect unbalanced quotes in parameters, non-numeric A records and provide more useful messages apart from nsupdate (DNS Manager)

CP Update: new ticket interface, dyanmic ticket updates, bug fixes