Due to popular demand (and likely collusion) I bring you the first ever blog update on server and esprit changes.

1) An esprit update is scheduled for tonight with three fixes and one update:

  • Majordomo parsing errors on older configuration files generated before the server migration back in February.  These would have been created through Ensim’s Majordomo facility.
  • MySQL backups were not backing up databases with \_ in the name.  \ is used to escape wildcards in the database name.
  • Urchin disk usage was not reported in Disk Usage Breakdown
  • jQuery updated to 1.1.4

2) Further, the mailbox routes backup policy has been augmented to take into account a weekly and monthly backup snapshot of e-mail mappings.  Information listed in “Mailbox Routes” is used by Postfix for mail delivery.  If an e-mail address isn’t listed in that page or it’s disabled (italicized gray text), then Postfix won’t deliver to that address.  Weekly and monthly snapshots were added as an extra safeguard just in case.

3) Backups were run over the weekend to get a feel for the new system.  /home/, /etc/, /usr/local/, and /var/ (excluding /var/lib/majordomo/OLDLOGS/ and /var/log/httpd/) are scheduled for backups.  From initial test runs the system takes about 1 hour to process each server.  Backups are going over the same switch that the Internet subnet is on, so I may need to bring in another switch and utilize the secondary NIC on each server.  Backup bandwidth is capped at 75 Mbps, which is adequate padding for anything going outbound to the Internet.

I’ll leave you folks with that update for the night, because it’s late for me.

esprit Updates, Initial Backup Runs, and Mailbox Routes policy changes

3 thoughts on “esprit Updates, Initial Backup Runs, and Mailbox Routes policy changes

  • August 28, 2007 at 8:11 am GMT-0500

    “Collusion.” Ha, you’re a funny man, Matt. 😉

    Thanks for the blog, adding it to my feeds.

  • August 28, 2007 at 9:04 am GMT-0500

    Off course there was no collusion … right everyone? 😉

  • August 28, 2007 at 9:45 pm GMT-0500

    I like it lots. Added to my feeds as well. 🙂

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