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Atlas Launches!

Atlas has launched representing the 7th overall hosting platform and first platform under the new company, Hostineer. Atlas is built off RHEL 7.3 and features PHP 7.1. Atlas is the first platform launched from the second hypervisor, HV2, which uses faster disks (15k vs 10k) over HV1 in addition to a 1 GB RAID cache, 12 cores, and 144 GB RAM. Given the amount of hardware available, Atlas will be the first platform to dynamically scale up and scale down CPU and memory as needed to cope with changes in traffic allowing bursts up to 8 dedicated cores and 72 GB RAM reducing – if not eliminating – slowdowns due to changes in traffic. Resource coordination comes through the Cloud Resouce Scaling Protocol (“CRSP”) that constantly aggregates resource utilization between the multiple platforms on a hypervisor, then either allocates or asks neighboring platforms to donate based upon resource availability.


  • RHEL 7.3
  • Resource scaling via CRSP protocol
  • curl HTTP/2 (libcurl 7.43 minimum)
    Missed this target in Luna launch :sob:
  • kpatch
    Uninterrupted, rebootless kernel upgrades
  • PostgreSQL 9.6
  • MariaDB 10.2
  • PHP 7.1
  • bump PHP memory limit from 160 MB to 192 MB
  • default Ruby interpreter version, 2.3.2
  • automatic loading of .rvmrc project files
  • remote IP address scrubbing from authenticated SMTP over 465 and 587
  • SSL no longer requires an IP address prereq

Late Changes

The following changes require significant control panel changes and missed launch, but are planned for implementation within the next 90 days:

  • DKIM signing
  • Postfix SNI



Apis Networks is now Hostineer

Effective January 15, 2017 Apis Networks is now known as Hostineer. Over the following two weeks, we will continue the transition, including rebranding the control panel, apnscp into Launchpad. You will continue to receive communication via help@apisnetworks.com in addition to help@hostineer.com as we transition gradually.

What’s changing?

Overall, the impact beyond cosmetic is expected to be minimal. You will be able to continue to use your existing “apisnetworks.com” hostnames, including cp.apisnetworks.com which is now aliased to cp.hostineer.com. Your nameserver settings will remain the same indefinitely (at least the next decade). You may use either ns1.apisnetworks.com and ns2.apisnetworks.com or ns1.hostineer.com and ns2.hostineer.com; both will work the same.

Our support Twitter handle has changed from @apisnetworks to @hostineer. @apisnetworks will be retained for historical purposes. All existing followers have transferred over without a hitch. Support email may be reached either through help@apisnetworks.com or help@hostineer.com.

Billing will continue under “Apis Networks” for at least a month as we coordinate with our processors to make these changes. After the change has concluded, credit card statements will reflect “Hostineer” instead of “Apis Networks”.

Why the change?

The change was determined under two criteria, first I never liked this name. Apis Networks was decided upon by 17 year old me, which we can all attest to not having the greatest insight in our teens. Second, Apis Networks will become the exclusive developer of apnscp/Launchpad for end-users. An open beta will launch in April during which time the control panel will go public as an enhanced, secure platform + web site management interface for everyone that wants to license it as an alternative to cPanel.

I will continue to manage Hostineer and provide support, as well as develop Launchpad jointly for both Hostineer and Apis Networks. Hostineer will serve as a tightly integrated ecosystem for the panel/platform providing all existing features and introducing some new perks down the road.

Got some feedback?

Comments, concerns, or did I miss something? Just drop me a line at matt@apisnetworks.com or matt@hostineer.com, take your pick!

Matt Saladna
Apis Networks/Hostineer



Important: Cabinet Repurposing

Our data center has informed us that the floor space utilized will be repurposed as part of its planned expansion, tentatively set for January 28. During this time, servers will be physically relocated to another cabinet in the data center. All servers will be disconnected as well as all network connectivity interrupted resulting in a total outage for approximately 30 to 90 minutes.

We’re working on coordinating a time with the data center to result in the smallest impact during the early morning hours. More updates to follow over the next couple weeks as these details are hashed out.

Attachment: zConnect Transition Plan