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New Feature: Forward-to-Learn Spam Filter

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been busily testing a new feature to improve e-mail filtering quality: forwarding. Simply forward an e-mail mislabeled as spam to spam@apisnetworks.com. Our processor will devour the morsel and send its remains to your filtering database that will increase filtering accuracy.

There are 2 ways to forward e-mail: inline or as an attachment. Both forms are accepted, however, sending as an attachment will feed additional information that is typically not included in an inline attachment. To forward as an attachment, right-click on the e-mail(s) and select “Forward as Attachment“. On Apple Mail, choose Message >Forward as Attachment.

In the rare event mail gets mislabeled as spam, which in turn gets delivered to your Spam folder, just forward the message to ham@apisnetworks.com. Our processor will decompose the message, except this time learning from its mistakes.



Coming Soon: New Hosting Platform

Our long beloved juggernaut of a server, Assmule, has seen its final days. Assmule has been retired as of April 18. Echelon was retired on April 21. We’re making room in the cabinet (and more important: circuit breaker) for another, beefier server to serve as a footprint for future accounts. So far here’s the checklist.

Built off Helios’ existing configuration. It will have the same excellent throughput and responsiveness, and with the following enhancements:

  • RHEL 7/CentOS 6.5 – contingent upon CentOS releasing 7RC1 in time
  • distributed shared IP addresses – primitive DoS mitigation for accounts without a unique IP address (SSL), because the last DoS during Snowpocalypse had me thinking… Sadly this is a real thing in Georgia
  • nodejs, mongodb available within accounts without the need to compile
  • Python 3
  • Ruby 2.1 for Rails 4
  • Possible: RPM management, sudo access for master account; nearing VPS flexibility. Layered filesystem permits this, but it will extend the testing phase a couple months

Clients can chime in with ideas until the server is put into production around June. So now is a great time to pitch some ideas for niggling things that been bothering you for so long. Make a change!

- Matt

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Moving Forward: Platform Deprecation, Branches, and Beyond

apnscp has been the de facto CP since 2009. Over these last 5 years, software has changed, options have become better, and opportunities have come abound. apnscp is written with our older servers in mind. Software available in 2007 isn’t as capable as software from 2011 when the Helios platform was commissioned. With CentOS 7 looming into production quality by Summer, it’s only necessary to cut legacy development and focus on a new apnscp that takes advantage of the latest software, from PHP 5.6 to a more mature memcached to Gearman to speed up backend processing all the way to the [url="http://updates.apisnetworks.com/2010/08/introducing-apollo-our-next-generation-platform/"]layered filesystem architecture[/url]. Keeping backwards compatibility with memcached released in 2009 – let alone hunting down packages that are compatible with CentOS/RHEL 4 – is a major PITA.

There will be a vigorous bughunt over the next week. If you run across a bug in the CP, certainly open up a ticket. By this time next week apnscp will be frozen on older servers, and I’ll be working with clients to migrate and consolidate servers to make room in the cabinet for a CentOS 7 server in the near future.

- Matt
Lead CP Developer & Owner

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